Angels of Iron

Drama/Crime, Germany 1981

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The subject of this historical drama is a splintering Berlin in the years of 1948 and 1949. Played against the backdrop of social upheaval, the characters in the drama come to epitomize the best and worst of each pole of the political sphere. A 17-year-old hoodlum by the name of Gladow (Ullrich Wesselmann) works hand-in-glove with a local white-collar criminal to rob and pillage every day and night, defying capture. While he and his gang of thugs are terrorizing the people of Berlin, the Soviets are trying to make the blockade of their region of control impermeable. The future casts long shadows over the drama, as Berlin's problems take the shape of times to come.
102 min
FSK 16
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German Film Award 1981 Film Ribbon in Gold Performances

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Thomas Brasch


Hilmar Thate (Gustav Völpel)

Katharina Thalbach (Lisa Gabler)

Ulrich Wesselmann (Gladow)

Ilse Pagé (Gerti Völpel)

Karin Baal (Lucie Gladow)

Peter Brombacher (Schäfer)

Klaus Pohl (Gabler)

Hanns Zischler (Ridzinski)

Original title:

Engel aus Eisen

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16:9 HD, B/W


FBW "valuable"

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FSK 16

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